T.B Joshua
The preacher has sparked controversy with his latest comments. http://nehandaradio.com/

A Nigerian preacher who allegedly foresaw the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight has provoked fresh controversy after declaring that women who abort babies conceived through rape are committing a "double sin".

Pastor TB Joshua of TBJ Ministries in Lagos waded in to the abortion debate while answering questions from fans on Facebook.

When an online user asked his thoughts on getting rid of a baby in the case of a rape victim, he advised that drawing closer to God was a better alternative. He went on to claim that God often orchestrates situations like rape to change people.

"Committing an abortion when you are raped is a double sin. God often uses foolish things to express himself," he wrote.

"Many great people and heroes today are products of this background.

"In any way, in any circumstance you find yourself in today as you are reading this note, you have not committed any unpardonable sin. Run to Jesus; don't run from Him whatever situation you find yourself."

His comments prompted mixed reaction from the Christian community.

"After all is said, people will still do what's on their minds. It's between you and your God," one commenter said.

Another wrote: "I agree with prophet Joshua..who are we to approve though? Abortion is murder of a baby who knows nothing about his or her coming..I pray not to experience it though."

A third said: "So in the case of incest the woman should also keep the baby as well? stfu TB Joshua and I feel sorry for those who listen to people like you. Abortion is a women's [sic] right to choose. Nobody should make that decision for them."

Joshua's remarks come days after Pastor Oyakhilome claimed that the decision should be the victim's.

"It is never mentioned anywhere in the Bible to keep a child from a woman who is raped!" he said.

Joshua recently made headlines after a video of him supposedly prophesising the disappearance of flight MH370 back in 28 July 2013 emerged online.

"We have to pray, this is an Asian country. I will not mention any country but God showed me the country. I am seeing a very big balloon," he said in the clip.

"If God gives me the grace I will send a letter to the embassy of the country. Check your airlines in your country."