Belgrade suicide bomber
Downtown Belgrade, near to where a suicide bomber reportedly detonated a hand grenade Google

A suicide bomber has reportedly detonated a hand grenade in a bakery in Belgrade, Serbia. Video footage showed police and ambulance crews at the scene on 21 March.

Serbia's Ministry of Internal Affairs told Russia Today that apart from the suicide bomber who was killed, one person was injured. Reports indicated that the man chased people out of the bakery before detonating the grenade.

A police statement said: "An unknown man was killed today at around 12.38pm (11.38 GMT) on Ilije Garasanina street after he active an explosive device in a cake shop."

The Petkovic bakery, where the incident took place, is said to be owned by the former culture minister and president of the Community Museum of Science and Technology, Bratislav Petkovic. Local broadcaster B92 reported that Petkovic lives in a nearby building.

A reporter at the scene of the incident for N1 television network said that the man was about 50-years-old. Unconfirmed reports claimed that the man was on medication and lay down on the grenade before detonating it.