FC Barcelona striker Sergio Aguero is back in the headlines after rumours emerged on Friday stating that he is on the brink of retirement as a result of his current health condition. However, the player immediately took to social media to shed light on the situation and to dispel the retirement rumours.

"In response to the rumours, I can tell you that I am following the instructions of the club's doctors, carrying out tests and treatment and to see how I evolve within 90 days. Always think positive," Aguero said, confirming an earlier statement from the club that he will be out for three months.

His statement suggests that no decision will be made until his progress is observed over the course of at least 90 days. It has only been about two weeks since Aguero suffered an arrhythmia while on the pitch in Barcelona's 1-1 draw against Alaves in La Liga.

The Argentine clutched his chest just before half-time and was visibly in pain. He appeared to be having trouble breathing before receiving treatment while collapsed on the pitch. He was later able to walk with assistance into an ambulance and was taken to hospital.

It was confirmed shortly thereafter that he suffered a cardiac incident that is related to an irregular heart rate. The club later revealed that this is not the first time the player has encountered the issue, and he will undergo more tests and treatment in the coming months. According to an earlier statement by the club and Aguero's recent tweet, his return will be determined by his progress over the coming weeks.

Nevertheless, a premature retirement has not been entirely ruled out. Everything still depends on the player's recovery, and the club will take every possible precaution to make sure that it is safe before Aguero is allowed to play.

Sergio Aguero
Thanks for the memories: Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero applauds the crowd ahead of his transfer to Barcelona Dave Thompson/POOL