Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero
Lionel Messi (left) and Sergio Aguero in action for Argentina Getty Images

Sergio Aguero has told Lionel Messi that Manchester would be the "ideal" city for him. The Manchester City centre-forward has revealed he has spoken to his Argentina teammate about the possibility of swapping Barcelona for the Etihad Stadium, where Aguero has played since 2011.

Aguero, 27, has admitted he would love to play alongside the reigning World Player of the Year at club level. He thinks Messi would enjoy the lifestyle on offer in Manchester, too.

"He already knows there's no beach! As I said to him, at the end of the day we spend the majority of our time inside at home," Aguero said, according to Sky Sports. "We play every three days so we just eat, rest between games – so the weather is not really that important.

"So I told him that Manchester is ideal as a city because you stay at home all day, you play every three days, we can eat, we can meet up, drink yerba mate [a traditional South American drink] and play football together."

Aguero has scored 120 goals in 185 games for Manchester City. However, his time in England has also been disrupted by frequent injuries. Aguero revealed his attitude towards injuries has changed over the years, with the Manchester City star saying he will now no longer risk playing with minor complaints.

"Now I realise the slightest discomfort and I won't risk myself, as happened to me for the home game against Sunderland in December. I started the previous game against Arsenal when I felt a slight pain in my knee, and I was told, 'That's it, you're coming off'," the Manchester City striker said.

"Now I feel like I'm getting up to full fitness for games and trying to miss as few games as possible, that's the most important thing."