Neighbours caught a grandmother's desperate attempt to rescue her cat on video, drawing criticism for her methods. The family pet seemed to have been stranded on the ledge above the third-story window. In the video, the child was lowered by the grandmother before he put the cat in the bag and got hoisted back. The act drew criticism from neighbours as well as people on the internet.

On January 5, a seven-year-old boy, identified as first-grade pupil Hao Hao, was seen dangling from the balcony of a fifth-story apartment. Hao seemed to have a rope around his chest tied in the form of a harness, while the other end of the rope was held by an elderly woman and a younger man on the balcony.

Identified by her last name Tang, the elderly woman who put Hao's life at risk was his grandmother. It was later revealed that Hao's parents worked in another city, so the child lived with his grandparents. The reckless grandparent put the child at risk in an effort to rescue the family pet.

child on balcony
a child was dangled from a balcony by his grandmother to rescue her cat. shamir/

While rescue services often help out in case of animals stuck in places they should not be, the grandmother did not entrust them with the life of her cat. Horrified neighbours in Peng'an, a county of Sichuan Province in south-western China, witnessed and recorded the incident.

The man, identified as Hao's uncle, helped lower Hao from the balcony onto the ledge where the cat was stuck. The brave child then picked the helpless cat up and put it inside a bag. Once the cat was secured, the family members pulled Hao back onto the balcony.

The Daily Mail pointed out that a spokesperson from the local residential committee, Wang Ying, informed Chinese media that the committee members had a talk with Tang. They chided her for her actions and educated her on the safety risk she put the child in.

Speaking to Chengdu-based Red Star News, Hao claimed that he was not scared by the incident. Tang also claims that she was not scared during the incident, but after seeing the videos, she had realised her mistake.