Sevenoaks School
Sevenoaks School moved to suspend around 45 students over a two week period Google Maps

Sevenoaks School suspended around 45 students for a boozy night out during on a school trip.

The boarding school sent students home over a two week period for the incident after student broke an imposed curfew and drank alcohol.

Reports students had been caught smoking cannabis were denied by the £31,878-a-year school.

A spokesman added: "The suspension was a punishment for being out of bounds whilst on a school trip - we take our duty of care very seriously, and the suspension was a clear demonstration of that."

The institution, founded in 1432, has more than 1,000 day and boarding pupils from more than 40 countries.

It charges £31,878 a year for standard boarding pupils and £34,578 for those who join in the Sixth Form.

According to, it is ranked fifth in the UK for it average International Baccalaureate (IB) score in 2014 and has the largest IB cohort (213).

The head Katy Ricks added: "We run over 60 residential trips every year, involving some 350 students aged 11-18.

"Over the past 12 years our students have behaved in an exemplary fashion in many parts of the world, and I am glad to say student behaviour is generally excellent. I am confident that by taking a strong line it will continue to be so."