Paedophile DJ Jimmy Savile danced naked during Satanic sex rituals held in a creepy underground chamber, according to reports.

Disgraced Savile regularly visited a secret club in Whitby, Scarborough, to join in sex-based rituals around a flogging post, it was claimed.

The BBC star belonged to a convent of northern public figures, now deceased, who gathered in a venue called The Chamber - which had signs of the devil on the walls.

Details were provided by a local source in Scarborough who has been delving in to Savile's life beyond the public eye.

"Someone once made a recording of what unfolded and that film is still said to be in existence in DVD form," he wrote.

"From what I understand this was not much serious Satanic ritual but celebrities and local dignitaries dancing around naked with a Satanic theme going on."

Accusations of Satanic practices by Savile are not new, since he was exposed as Britain's worst-ever paedophile last year.

Previous accounts reported the Jim'll Fix It" children's TV host chanted "hail Satan" while wearing black robes in the basement of Stoke Mandaville hospital in 1975.

It was also feared that Savile sexually molested the corpses of dead patients at the hospital, with which he was closely linked by his charity work.

After being exposed last year, graffiti appeared on a remote cottage owned by him, reading "Jimmy the beast." One moniker of the devil is "the beast."

Among those implicated in the satanic sex ring of Scarborough was "ice cream King" Peter Jaconelli, a former mayor of the coastal city.

He died in 1999. When confronted last year with allegations of a sordid secret between him and Savile, a family nephew said: "I have no comment whatsoever. It's a load of b*******".

Also implicated in the activity was Scarborough arcade boss Jimmy Corrigan, now dead.

Two women alleged they were questioned by police investigating a sex ring in 2003 and that officers mentioned Jaconelli and Corrigan. The women revealed the interview to Scarborough's local paper, prompting north Yorkshire police to issue an appeal to the women to come forward.

A Scarborough councillor alleged that Jaconelli touched him as a boy. Geoff Evans, 64, said: "It was quite obvious what he was doing. I was quite surprised as it was in the middle of his shop while someone else was serving."