Shadowhunters premiere
The show is an adaptation of the novel, The Mortal Instruments written by Cassandra Clare Shadowhunters official website

Come 12 January, ABC Family is changing its brand name to Freeform and along with the new name, it is launching a range of new shows out of which Shadowhunters appears as the most promising one. The series is based on the novel, The Mortal Instruments, written by Cassandra Clare.

The series follows a young woman Clary Fray who finds her unusual abilities after learning about her mysterious past. She realises that she is not born to normal human beings, rather to Shadowhunters, a human-angel hybrid who hunts down demons and keeps the Earth safe.

The synopsis of the latest ABC family thriller reads:

Katherine McNamara plays the lead role of the teen shadowhunter and weighs in on her character's strength to fight the demons, werewolves, vampires and other evil creatures of the dark world. "Clary is a strong-willed, short, redheaded, bad-tempered at times, individual. She's very stubborn. The stubbornness comes from her loyalty to the people that she loves. She will do anything for them and do anything to defend them. Through that, she's still young and still learning. She's a heroine but a flawed one. She doesn't necessarily think about the consequences of her actions. It costs her things. It costs things to the people that she loves and she makes selfish choices," she told TV Guide.

The 13-episode series will premiere on 12 January on Freeform.