Jana Duggar has finally opened up about Josh in the latest episode of TLC's special series Jill & Jess: Counting On. In a sneak peek released by the network, she reveals that after learning about her elder brother, she thought 'it has to be wrong'.

"Our brother had been living a double life and I know he wasn't whom he appeared to be. The news came out about his lifestyle and how he was living," the 25-year-old reality star says while struggling to control her emotions." She also reveals that the family was in shock as they 'had no clue' about his secret life.

The eldest Duggar daughter also admits that it is difficult for them to trust someone after Josh's sex and porn addiction scandal was made public. "Who do you trust? When you look out and see all those people. Are they who they appear to be or are they just have these mask on and are not something that they really are," she adds.

Earlier, Josh's wife Anna confesses that she felt betrayed after learning about her husband's secret affairs. "It is such a betrayal for a spouse to go through what we're walking through. It was hard to realise that it was such a public thing," she says in the promo episode of the TLC special docu-series. Anna also reveals that she is clinging on to her 'faith' as her current situation could turn disastrous for her.

The next episode of Jill and Jessa Counting On will air on 20 December on TLC and apart from the Duggar family's confession about Josh's cheating and porn addiction, the daughters Jill and Jessa will talk about their lives.

The upcoming episode will focus on Jill's missionary work in El Salvador and Jessa will narrate her experience about a heavily pregnant woman to a new mother.