Even though they were never legally married, Colombian pop star Shakira and FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique have a lot of matters to settle following their split. The most obvious priority is figuring out custody of their two children. Apart from that, they have a number of valuable properties and assets. However, the singer is now reportedly keen on getting back her Grammy Awards.

The custody battle is expected to be settled in court, especially with Shakira reportedly planning to move back to the United States. She and Pique will be seeking a legal agreement to figure out how they can continue to jointly raise their sons Sasha, 7 and Milan, 10, despite potentially being thousands of miles apart.

The division of their sizable assets will also be settled in court, but right now the singer is keen to get her Grammy Awards back from the offices of Pique's company, Kosmos Holding. According to Marca, photographer Jordi Martin claims to have inside information on the matter.

"Shakira's Grammy awards are still on display there, and he hasn't given them back to her," Martin claimed, adding that it must also be an uncomfortable situation for Pique's new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

It has previously been confirmed that the 23-year-old student also works as an event coordinator in the company.

Shakira has won three Grammy Awards and a whopping 12 Latin Grammys. That's a total of 15 trophies that are still on display at the Kosmos offices. Naturally, the Colombian is not keen on walking away and moving back to America without them.

Those awards are tangible symbols of her success, and it's not a surprise that she wants them back. Martin claims that she wants to "escape" Barcelona and Pique is seeking a settlement of 400,000 US dollars to allow her to take their children with her, along with an undetermined number of first-class tickets which would be used by the footballer to visit them.

Incidentally, things might prove easier for the former couple if rumours are true that MLS side Inter Miami is interested in signing Pique. Part-owner David Beckham has always been vocal about his desire to bring Europe's biggest stars to play for his team, and Pique fits the profile.

If that happens, he will be closer to Shakira, who is believed to be planning on living in Miami with her children. However, that move might be a little bit more complicated for Clara Chia. It remains to be seen if she will make the move with the footballer if the opportunity presents itself.

Shakira dedicated her album El Dorado to footballer Gerard Piqué Reuters