When a video showing a girl named Sharkeisha brutally assaulting another teenager in a row about a boy went viral, it was just a matter of time before users would turned the fight into a joke.

After making the rounds on social networking sites including Twitter, Vine and Instagram, the violent clip quickly became the subject of several internet memes.

While some users responded by placing the sucker-punching assailant in various locations others, superimposed pictures of sharks on top of her face.

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The notoriety of the Sharkeisha Fight Video even earned the incident its own entry in Urban Dictionary.

It currently reads: "A breed of dark skin women unknown to earth, they are of Cybertron decent probably decepticons massive power and ability to transform upon angered state. Girl stands next to her "Friend" as she doth not know what will be brought upon her, The hand of Sharkeisha which puts her in a ball on the ground (What hath happen to make her so angry??)."

According to unconfirmed reports, the teenager, who has become an overnight sensation, has now been arrested, after her video came to the attention of the authorities.

IBTimes UK has a look at some of the most popular Sharkeisha memes...

Sharkeisha Fight Meme
One image shows the heads of the two teens replaced with Chris Brown and Rihanna\'s.
Sharkeisha fight meme
This meme implied that all Sharkeisha\'s family members were extremely strong. twitter
Sharkeisha Fight meme
One meme summed up the sucker punch by mixing Sharkeisha’s name with the SciFi movie “Sharknado” and created a fake poster.
Sharkeisha fight meme
According to this internet meme even boxing champ Floyd Mayweather should be afraid of Sharkeisha
Sharkeisha fight meme
Sharkeisha makes a cameo in famously violent video game Grand Theft Auto.