A Rabbit
Rabbits no longer pop out of magician's hats. Press Association

Rabbits are usually famous for popping out of magicians' hats. Today, however, these long-eared animals seem capable of much more.

Meet Champis, a pet rabbit from Kal (a small village in northern Sweden), who has become an online sensation because of his amazing sheep herding skills.

Champis' owner, Dan Westman, (a sheepdog breeder), who shot the video of his amazing bunny in action, says his star herder is even better than most of his dogs.

"It's a herding rabbit. He rounds them up, and if they get close to escaping through the gate he sometimes stops them," The Times of India quoted Westman as saying.

Westman's video, loaded on YouTube, has become a hit, gathering more than a million views.

"This is so awesome!! Goes to show you if you put your mind to it you can BE anything!!!" a viewer posted on YouTube

"Good on you Champis, you show those sheep (and dogs) their place, keep going!!!" posted another user.

Meanwhile, some believe the five-year-old bunny may have picked up his "sheep gathering" skills after observing the trained dogs in action.

Check Out the Video: