Man beats dog to death
Screenshot: Man in China allegedly beats dog to death for losing a race Pear Video

An unidentified man in China is reported to have brutally slammed his dog to the concrete floor after it lost a race causing him to lose a bet. He is then seen with what appears to bloodied hands after repeatedly slamming the greyhound dog against the stone floor. He is later seen standing above what appears to be the blurred corpse of the dog.

The report in the Daily Mail claimed the man had vowed he would cook and eat the dog in the video which was allegedly filmed on 3 December in China's Hebei Province. The man reportedly blames the dog: "You made me lose money."

The man is also reported to have said: "Listen up, dog owners. If your dog is not in a good fit, eat it." The comments were reportedly made after the canine was said to have lost the man a large amount of money in a bet. Users on the Chinese social media site Weibo were reported to have reacted with disgust at the video.

One user said the dog was "innocent" and branded the man "heartless", while another suggested that the man himself be slammed to the ground like he had done to the dog. The Weibo video has already been viewed millions of times, the Mail reported.

The gruesome and graphic video can be viewed on Chinese short news video site, Pear Video here.