Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson wants his record at Manchester United to be broken Reuters/Phil Noble

Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he wants someone to take over the Red Devils and break his illustrious record with the club.

The 73-year-old spent 27 years at the club, amassing 38 trophies, and wants someone to take over the reigns and beat his record. Louis van Gaal, who is already 64, is not the man to take the club forward but fingers can be pointed at Ryan Giggs, who is currently assisting the Dutchman and has been a keen recipient of Ferguson's tactics and messages during team meetings, throughout the length of his tenure.

The Scotsman had revelled in his side's tendency to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, something that looks amiss in the current side, trying their best to conform to the tactics of a new manager.

The Red Devils have failed to win a single trophy since Ferguson's retirement, with David Moyes struggling to cope with the expectation and his inability to lead the Red Devils to a top-four spot, which led to his dismissal mid-way through the season.

Van Gaal, with money to spend and not burdened by the prospect of European football, has taken United to the top four and is looking to set a pedestal for a future manager to come in and lead them to further glory.

"We had a wonderful run of success when I was here and we won a lot of trophies," Ferguson said.

"But I really hope someone comes along and breaks my record here, I really do.

"I'd like to see another United manager come in and win 45 ­trophies in 25 years. Nothing would make me happier.

"Why? Because it's a food chain at this club. First there was the great Sir Matt Busby and then there was me.

"Now I'd love someone else to come in and establish a long run of success because that's what this club is all about," he added.