SiriSports - Jailbreak Tweak
SiriSports - Jailbreak Tweak Credit: Cydia 

It would be a nice touch if your smartphone's voice-activated personal assistant could read out sports scores on request.

Fortunately, Apple has long been at the helm of such technological innovations; Siri is one such example.

Now, iOS developer Evan Coleman has designed an AssistantExtension called SiriSports, which brings alive the whole experience of live sports updates at your fingertips!

SiriSports - Get live score updates at your fingertips Credit: Cydia

SiriSports not only gives you quick and easy access to live updates... it can even answer simple questions like "Are the Yankees winning?", "Did the Knicks win last night?", "What time is the Rangers game?" and more.

SiriSports - Get the time and schedule updates for your favourite team through a simple query over Siri Credit: Cydia

In addition, besides offering the latest scores for teams in the NBA, NHL and MLB, the user can check out schedules for all games on any given day. This means you can block your calendar days in advance... to watch that special game!

SiriSports - Get the complete event schedule to make sure you block the calendar and don\'t miss the action while you root for your favourite team... Credit: Cydia

What's more? SiriSports is a free download from Cydia. This app requires AssistantExtensions to run, which is installed automatically along with the SiriSports Jailbreak tweak.

Watch this cool little demo video depicting the jailbreak tweak in action:

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