Skype Text Bug
Skype has admitted there is a bug in its apps which crash the iOS and Android versions with some users reporting problems with Skype for Windows. Getty Images

Just like the iOS text bug endlessly crashed iPhones, a bug in Skype causes it to crash endlessly if sent just eight specific characters.

The bug was first reported in the Skype community forums by user Giperion who noted that sending the text string "http://:" (without the quote marks) would crash the Skype for Windows app for the person sending the message, as well as the person receiving it.

The situation is worse for the person receiving it however, as it causes the app to enter a cycle where it constantly crashes when you try and reopen the app.

Skype has confirmed the existence of the issue, telling VentureBeat: "We are aware of the problem and are working to provide a resolution."

As well as affecting Skype for Windows, the bug is also said to be affecting the iOS and Android versions of Skype, causing them to crash if the text string is received.


While IBTimes UK were able to replicate the issue on the iOS app, we were not able to observe it on the Android app, though this may be down to the fact we are using the latest version of the app which was released on 2 June.

We were also not able to replicate the bug crashing Skype for Windows (version meaning the problem could be limited to certain versions of the software.

However, Skype for Mac and the touch-centric version of Skype for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are not affected according to VentureBeat who tested the bug.

Last week it emerged that a bug in iOS can see the Messages app crash iPhones, iPad and the Apple Watch, which will automatically reboot when they receive a certain text message.


That problem was related to the way iOS renders "a specific series of unicode characters". The problem occurred when iOS is presented with a string of non-Latin characters - Chinese, Arabic and Marathi in this case - in a certain order which it doesn't recognise, causing it to crash the entire system.

It is unclear what the underlying cause of the Skype bug is.

Some users of the Skype community forum have suggest workarounds if you do find your app in a constant crash cycle. One way to stop the app crashing is if the person who sent the text string in the first place deletes it from their chat history.

You then have to install an older version of Skype in order to use it, and while this is possible on Windows, only the latest versions of the Skype apps on iOS and Android are available.