Thrash Metal icons Slayer have addressed the controversy surrounding a doctored picture of Donald Trump throwing horns with the band, telling critics to pipe down and move on.

Scores of fans expressed disdain after the black-and-white image appeared in their Instagram timeline moments afterTrump was sworn in as the 45th president fo the United states. The polarising image − perceived by some as a pro-Trump message − was soon deleted.

"Good to know. I've listened to my last Slayer song. Good luck riding the White Supremacist circuit from here on," one unimpressed fan said.

The band's frontman Tom Araya, who was behind the post, has since reuploaded the image. In the caption he criticised fans that took offence, calling them "snowflakes" - the derogatory term that become the defining insult for young liberals in 2016.

"I was amazed at the comments about the picture some positive some negative more amazing was in two hours there was 10,000 likes. But I never would have guessed that there [were] so many snowflakes commenting their distaste for the new president," said Araya.

"Like him or not he is the president ... Woke up the next morning and found someone had deleted the post ... Can someone please explain why...?"

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The 55-year-old rocker continued to defend the image in the post's comments sections, telling one fan: "Mike pence turning fruits into vegtables [sic]"

The Raining Blood hitmakers later reiterated Araya's sentiments. "As was verified by Tom, this was his post, is not something the band would have posted if asked, and does not belong on a Slayer social page," the band told Rolling Stone magazine.

"We all have our personal opinions, some of which we have voiced in the past, but Slayer has never endorsed any political party or any candidate, and the band intends to keep it that way."

Formed in 1981, Slayer has often been credited for defining the thrash metal genre. They enjoyed commercial success was with hits including Angel Of Death, Silent Scream and The Antichrist.