The 15-year-old son of an Italian mob boss has been accused of fatally shooting his best friend all over a Facebook "like" on a photo.

Alex Pititto, son of the 'Ndrangheta crime boss, allegedly shot his friend Francesco Prestia Lamberti three times for liking the photo of his girlfriend on Facebook. Pititto had long suspected his friend had feelings for his girlfriend but his latest act had been a sign of disrespect, El Pais reported.

A photo published on Pititto's Facebook page back in November shows how close the two teens were. "Friendship is in the mouth of many but in the heart of few," Pititto captioned the photo.

Crime reportedly runs in his family, which trafficked cocaine from South America.

Pittito's father, Salvatore, mother, Maria Antonia Messiano, and 21-year-old brother were arrested in January in an operation dubbed Stammer, El Pais reported.

Also arrested was his cousin, Pasquale, who is the brother-in-law of Michel Iannello, the murderer of six-year-old Nicholas Green in 1994.

Pititto's case highlights a new generation of mafia members known as "babyboss," El Pais noted. Mafia experts claim that these "babybosses" are compulsive, ostentatious, trigger happy and without any fears of spending time in prison. "They are young and they have their whole lives ahead of them. They could care less," Roberto Saviano told El Pais.