PS Vita
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Japanese technology giant Sony has launched its latest piece of hardware under the ever-successful PlayStation umbrella, the PlayStation Vita.

Game's flagship store on Oxford Street threw open its doors at midnight to welcome gaming fans eager to get their hands on the new product.

Zohaib Ali, 21, from Uxbridge, west London, was the first person to buy the portable console. He had camped outside the store for nearly three days.

The Vita is Sony's next-generation portable device. The PSP launched in 2005 and is a direct competitor to Nintendo's 3DS.

Vita was launched with a series of games, including old favourite 'Wipeout' which comes to the device in its latest form: WipEout 2048.

WipEout 2048 game developer Ami Ledger was at the store for the launch, wearing a tight turquoise racing uniform.

Sales of Vita have flatlined since strong opening week sales in Japan before Christmas.