A family of four was shocked to see a large group of people gathering at a park in West Midlands, flouting COVID-19 lockdown rules. The mother took photographs of the people across the lake performing what seemed to be a baptism ritual. Recalling the events of the day, Alison Boyd shared the details of the baffling event she spectated.

The 49-year-old post-surgery breast care specialist was on a walk in Kinghurst Park, Solihull. Boyd was with her two daughters aged 13 and eight, and her partner, when she spotted the large gathering. Boyd and her daughters were feedings the ducks at the Babbs Mill Lake when they heard loud cheering coming from the other side of the water.

Boyd claims that she saw a gathering of at least 16 people standing close to each other, risking the transmission of the novel coronavirus. There was a man and a woman dressed in white in the waters. The man reportedly helped the woman submerge backwards into the water. Those on the bank cheered on as the woman was dipped into the water. She then climbed out of the lake and onto the bank. After performing the ritual, the man addressed the gathering.

Boyd told the Birmingham Live that she was stunned to see the people defying government orders. She stated that the lake was not even holy water. Since March 23, the government of the United Kingdom has asked citizens to maintain social distancing. The COVID-19 lockdown rules specify that more than two people cannot be allowed to gather.

Aware of the lockdown rules, Boyd and her family of four had been enjoying a day at the park while they claimed to have been maintaining distance from other people. The picture taken by Boyd showed that the group of people was not maintaining the social distancing rules.

Angered by the sight, Boyd was about to call 101 to report the illegal gathering. However, Boyd's daughter hurt herself while riding her bike so she got busy tending to her daughter.

Meanwhile, police had to break up a prayer meeting at Washwood Heath Park, Birmingham last Friday. All gatherings, including religious gatherings, are illegal under the lockdown regulations. Those found defying the lockdown may face legal actions.

The government warned that outside exercise could be banned after the warmer weather tempted some people from their homes to parks and open spaces this weekend AFP / Ben STANSALL