• South Africa won by 37 runs
  • South Africa 209 for 5 after 20 overs
  • Afghanistan all out for 172 runs
South Africa\'s players celebrate
South Africa lost to England in the ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Getty Images

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Chris Morris

Very happy. That was a performance, but more happy we got the win. It was a similar wicket to the one against England. I tried to bowl quick as I can, unfortunately some guys travelled. Nagpur has been turning, and the spinners will be licking their lips. We have a couple of days to recuperate.


South Africa's Chris Morris was awarded the man of the match for his fine display with the ball. He picked up 4 wickets, while conceding only 27 runs.


This is South Africa's first win of the ICC T20 World Cup after their defeat at the hands of England in their first Group 1 fixture.


South Africa beat Afghanistan by 37 runs


Over 20: Afghanistan 172 for 10: Amir Hamza 3 (6)

Last over of the match and after three singles, Sharpoor was bowled off the last ball of the match.


WICKET...!!! Shapoor Zadran 1 (2) b Rabada


Over 19: Afghanistan 169 for 9: Amir Hamza 1 (2)

Two boundaries for Rashid Khan and then he was bowled by Morris. Dawlat Zadran was the next player to be bowled, once again by Morris as he ended the match with a figure of 4/27.


WICKET!! Dawlat Zadran b Morris 0


Over 18: Afghanistan 156 for 6: Samiullah Shenwari 25 (13)

Rabada is brought back into the action. Najib is on strike and starts with a dot ball.SIX...!!! Najib smashes it into the deep and Amla cannot get it. Gets a maximum. FOUR...!!! Another one towards the leg side and this time the ball bounces just in front of the rope for a boundary. It is followed by two dot balls. Najib is the latest man to be dimissed.


WICKET!! Rashid Khan b Morris 11


WICKET...!!! Najibullah Zadran 12 (8) c De Kock b Rabada


Over 17: Afghanistan 146 for 5: Samiullah Shenwari 25 (13), Najibullah Zadran 2 (2)

Tahir to bowl his last over. WICKET...!!! Nabi looks to clear the ropes, but ends up giving a simple catch to De Villiers at long on. Najibullah Zadran is the new man in the middle and is at the non strikers end.

Shenwari then takes a couple after placing it towards the leg side, followed by a single. Najib gets off the mark with a single, followed by one more single. Najib ends the over and spell with a single.


WICKET...!!! Mohammad Nabi 11 (13) c De Villiers b Tahir


Over 15: Afghanistan 140 for 4: Mohammad Nabi 11 (13), Samiullah Shenwari 21 (10)

Wiese to bowl his last over. FOUR...!!! Nabi nudges it to short third man and a misfield from Tahir helps Afghanistan take four runs. It is followed by a dot ball and a single. A wide on the leg side. Shenwari wanted a quick single and a direct hit would have brought an end to his time in the middle. A dot ball and single from Nabi to end the over.


Over 14: Afghanistan 132 for 4: Mohammad Nabi 5 (8), Samiullah Shenwari 20 (9)

Morris, who picked up two wickets is back into the attack. Shenwari just places it down the ground and a good running between the wickets allows him to take a double. FOUR...!!! Outside edge and the ball races to the boundary behind the keeper, followed by a single to third man and two dot balls. Single to end the over.


Over 13: Afghanistan 124 for 4: Mohammad Nabi 4 (5), Samiullah Shenwari 13 (6)

David Wiese is brought back into the attack. FOUR...!!! Shenwari smashes it past the fielder at cover and beats him for his first boundary, followed by two singles. One more wide on the leg side is followed by FOUR..!!! Shenwari pulls it on the leg side towards fine leg boundary as the fielder was inside the circle.

Shenwari plays it down the ground and gets a double after a brilliant fielding near the rope saves two runs. A quick single to end the over.



Over 12: Afghanistan 110 for 4: Mohammad Nabi 3 (4), Samiullah Shenwari 1 (1)

Tahir bowls his third over and Nabi starts with a single. dot ball and Noor Ali takes another single. Nabi takes a single to long on. WICKET...!!! Noor Ali walks down the ground and beats the ball, resulting in an easy stumping for De Kock. Samiullah Shenwari is the new man in the middle, who is on strike to face the last ball. He gets off the mark with a single.


WICKET...!!! Noor Ali Zadran 25 (24) st De Kock b Tahir


Over 11: Afghanistan 106 for 3: Noor Ali Zadran 24 (21), Mohammad Nabi 1 (2)

Abbott is brought back into the attack and starts with a slower delivery, which allowed Gulabdin to take a quick single, followed by one more single from Noor Ali. WICKET...!!! Change of variation from Abbott and an edge results in a simpel catch to De Kock. It brings an end to Gulabdin's time in the middle.

Mohammad Nabi is the new man in the middle and starts with a dot ball. A single and a dot ball to end the over.


WICKET...!!! Gulbadin Naib 26 (18) c De Kock b Abbott



Over 10: Afghanistan 103 for 2: Noor Ali Zadran 23 (19), Gulbadin Naib 25 (16)

Wiese continues his second over and Noor Ali takes a single off the first ball, followed by a single from Gulabdin. SIX...!!! Noor Ali flicks it towards deep square leg and the ball just goes above Morris' head for a six. That brings Afghanistan's 100. It is followed by two singles to end the over.