South Korean activists have burned effigies of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the streets of Seoul. The protest was over the North's rocket launch on 7 February.

Dozens of protesters held signs reading "Kim Jong-un out", and ripped North Korean flags on 11 February. The secretive country has maintained that it was a satellite launch, but the actions have been condemned around the world.

"Our people and the international community strongly condemn the long-range missile launch and the fourth nuclear test by Kim Jong-un," said protest leader Park Chan-sung.

"We call for strong sanctions including the pull out from Kaesong Industrial Complex, cutting off of electric power and water, as well as a UN Security Council resolution," he added.

Washington has called the launch a "ballistic missile test", and labelled it a violation of United Nations resolutions. The US senate voted unanimously for tougher sanctions against North Korea on 10 February in response to the launch.

The US, South Korea and Japan also agreed to step up information-sharing and coordination in the face of what they see as increasing threats from the country. Earlier this year North Korea claimed it successfully tested a miniaturised hydrogen nuclear bomb.