A South Korean passenger plane took off and flew with its front door not properly sealed, and was forced to return to Cebu from where the flight had originated. Video filmed inside the aircraft showed a gap between the door and the door frame making a strange noise.

Seoul's Yonhap news agency said the Jin Air flight bound for South Korea's south-eastern port city of Busan on Sunday 3 January returned to Cebu after about 30 minutes in the air. It was carrying 163 passengers.

"The flight turned back about 30 minutes after because the door was open and the gap was big enough to put a finger in it," said South Korean passenger Kim Jin-bae.

Passengers said they suffered headaches and felt pain in their ears, but there were no serious injuries reported, Yonhap said.

"I thought I would die here because I was numb with a headache," Kim added. "Adults felt so much pain because of (the pressure on) eardrum. How painful could it be for children?" said another passenger Lee Sang-gyu.

Head of Jin Air's Busan office, Park Mun-seong, apologised for the incident. The passengers arrived at Gimhae airport in Busan on another plane at 9pm on Sunday 3 January, 15 hours later than scheduled, Yonhap said.