Tareena Shakil
Tareena Shakil's Facebook profile was covered with images of Isis flags Facebook

A The Only Way is Essex and Spice Girls fan who fled Britain to join Isis ranks and become a jihadi bride believes she is safe living in a home provided by the terrorists in Syria.

Tareena Shakil entered Syria from the Turkish border after turning her back on western life in Burton-upon-Trent, in Staffordshire.

The 25-year-old mother of one left the country last month under the ruse she was going on holiday to Spain.

However, she instead travelled to Turkey before jumping the border to civil war-torn Syria.

She has since sent her father a selfie of her and 14-month-old son Zaheem to show they are safe.

Her father Mohammed told The Sun: "She sent this last week after she arrived and she has now cut off contact. She thinks they are safe there but they are not. She said before she left that Isis would provide housing and social security."

While Shakil outwardly portrayed a fascination with western culture including the pop band the Spice Girls and hit reality TV show Towie (The Only Way is Essex), the former Girl Guide had secretly become radicalised by Isis.

A Facebook page set up earlier this year is emblazoned with the black flag of Isis and in the "about" section she describes herself as a "slave to Allah."

She has told her family she has no intention of returning to Britain.