A Portsmouth mum who enjoyed watching TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) is feared to have joined the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, and has taken her baby son with her.

Tareena Shakil told family she was travelling to Spain, but instead went to Turkey and then crossed the border in to a stronghold of the violent Islamist group.

Her action has shocked relatives of the 25-year-old, who is described as once being a fan of reality TV soap TOWIE and the music of the Spice Girls. Perhaps that explains why Shakil - a former girl guide - has decided to reject western civilisation.

Shakil's father Mohammed told The Sun: "There was no reason to suspect. Tareena did drama and was in the Guides. She loved the Spice Girls and TOWIE."

Shakil went to Raqqa, a stronghold of the bloodthirsty IS fundamentalist muslim group.

Public executions are common in the city, with the group enforcing strict Islamic law in what one Syrian activist has called "a torrent of horror."

Two men were executed in the city for "cursing the name of the Lord," while Islamic State terrorists recently bragged on social media about crucifying a seven-year-old boy.

There is serious concern about the welfare of Shakil's 14-month-old son, named Zaheem.

"[He] shouldn't be going through this," Mohammed said.