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Any Marvel/Spider-Man fan would agree that the first film in the series which came out in 2002 is by far the best one. The movie's screenwriter David Koepp recently shared what he would do to save the franchise, which seems to be heading nowhere.

The beloved superhero series started going downhill with Spider-Man 3. The studio decided to reboot the franchise with an edgier version - The Amazing Spider-Man, but that hasn't quite worked out well with the last film -- The Amazing Spider-Man 2 -- underperforming at the box-office.

"If I were in charge of Spider-Man right now, and money was no object, I would... (Pauses) Well, now you can see why they are having trouble! Not so easy, is it?" said Koepp during an interview with Empire Online.

"When I was doing Spider-Man the first time, I remember distinctly having thoughts about three movies, each of a different kind. The way the comic-book lines switched, it was Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man... there were a number of them.

"So rather than try to pursue the same course, or any kind of similar tone, you'd have strikingly different tones. The classic Spider-Man, that would be the top-of-the-line, studio Sam Raimi ones, then the Amazing Spider-Man ones, they'd be done for $75-80 million, and have a rougher, edgier, almost R-rated feel to them – if not R-rated, though I don't think they could ever bring themselves to do that. Tougher, nastier, a rougher look... shorter movies. I don't like superhero bloat, personally.

"Then I also thought there should be a Spectacular Spider-Man series, because Spider-Man leaves out a large group of its audience. Little kids are fascinated by Spider-Man by the time they are three, or younger. But when I was a kid, I loved the animated series.

Koepp also suggested that these series didn't have to be consecutive, they could be released concurrently. "I always thought there should be separate lines to cater for different ages of Spider-Man fans."

Interesting though but sounds quite ambitious. Different versions of the same superhero running concurrently is not something that has been done before and therefore could be quite a risk.

However, Warner Bros seem to be doing something slightly similar with The Flash. With one TV version already on air, the DC Cinematic Universe will feature a possibly altered version (based on The New 52 comics) with a different actor playing the role.