Looking at the trailers so far for upcoming sci-fi sequel Star Trek Beyond, it seems safe to say that the crew of the USS Enterprise face one of their most formidable foes yet in the form of Idris Elba's Krall. This fact is emphasised even more in the latest TV spot – aptly named Big Attack – which sees Krall launch an armada of spaceships at the heroes' vessel.

The recently-released clip begins with a unknown voice telling Chris Pine's Kirk that "a great captain knows sacrifice", ominously signposting that the crew is in for some desperate times ahead. Presumably on a rescue mission, Kirk, Spock and the crew find themselves forced to battle Krall's swarm while he can be heard saying: "This is where it begins, Kirk. This is where the frontier pushes back!"

Later, Kirk's statement ups the ante, alluding even more to Krall's potential to destroy the federation as they know it: "Millions of lives are at stake, how are we gonna get out of this one?" But quite unexpectedly, Zachary Quinto's pragmatic Spock is the one to boost morale, replying: "We will find hope... in the impossible," before a glimpse of Sofia Boutella's Jaylah flashes up on screen.

While that first clip focused on the dramatic sides of the movie, the second, named Fly, is a little lighter. In it, Kirk jokingly asks John Cho's Sulu whether he can fly a starship and Bones (Karl Urban) teases the captain that he "looks like crap" – despite him obviously just having been in a battle of some sort.

Both videos also show glimpses of Simon Pegg who, having already played Scotty in the first and second instalment of the reboot series, stepped us as co-writer for Beyond alongside Doug Jung. "[It felt like a] terrifying responsibility, whether it comes across as keenly as we wanted it with all the whiz-bangs of a big science-fiction movie," he recently told The Guardian.

"But what we wanted to do was to question the idea of the original vision of it. Gene Roddenberry's original idea of the federation was like a UN in space. We wanted to ask whether it was a good thing or more like a colonising force."

Directed by Justin Lin and produced by JJ Abrams, Star Trek Beyond beams into UK and US cinemas on 22 July 2016.

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