After much anticipation, Star Wars: The Force Awakens had its first official screening at the world premiere in Los Angeles on 14 December. Although barriers were put at a distance from people leaving the cinema to seemingly prevent reactions about the film, some still shared their thoughts.

Self-confessed die-hard fan, Mike Senna said that "the look and the feel of the film is like the old trilogy. It felt like home. It felt warm and fuzzy. It was really good. JJ and his crew did so well."

Young fan Cole Dickey said: "It was a very emotional and crazy movie and perfect and awesome. I loved the cast and the shots were great, so was the sound. You know, there was a lot of drama and I thought it was a really great movie."

His father, journalist Josh Dickey explained "It's much more like the original Star Wars movies than the prequels were because there's a lot of practical camera effects. There's not as much CG going on, so you're actually seeing stuff. The sets that they built and the characters that they made, that gives it a kind of vintage feel. It's a very present movie, it feels like you're really in that world, as opposed to the prequels which were very digitised and distant."

Brandon Jackson, another fervent Star Wars fan, said the film was "everything I ever dreamed of. Absolutely fantastic. Man, I want to tell you everything but I can't because you can't do that but it was awesome. It was amazing, it was everything we've been waiting for. You won't be disappointed."

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in the UK on Thursday 17 December.