After the record breaking success of Star Wars The Force Awakens, fans are eagerly waiting for Star Wars 8 that is currently filming in different locations. Some on-set images leaked from the movie's filming location has sparked rumours that Luke Skywalker and Rey have left the Irish island Skellig Michael and are currently filming in Croatia.

A set of pictures revealing fancy lights on the archways around doors and windows on the streets of Dubrovnik has got fans speculating that Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley will come to the Croatian town for filming their Jedi training scenes along with Luke's Landspeeder. Some people also speculated that the city's medieval architecture may have attracted the Episode VIII director Rian Johnson to shoot the Jedi temple sequence featuring Luke and Rey.


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Making Star Wars, however, has denied the rumours and claimed that Ridley has confirmed in a BBC interview that she is not filming at the Dubrovnik location.

A land-speeder has been spotted at the Episode VIII set in Dubrovnik

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However, iDigital Times speculates that the eighth instalment of the space odyssey may go deep into the Jedi temple mythology. The son of Darth Vader is currently in self-imposed exile and living a lonely life on a planet called Ahch-To.

The website speculates that it is the same planet where the former Jedi master will rediscover the Jedi temple, the mythology of which will play a vital role in Ray's training and her future battle with Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke.

Luke may get hold of some ancient knowledge that will help him take down the dark powers of his nephew Ben Solo who abandoned his Jedi training to become the dreaded villain of space, Kylo, a report by Comicbook speculates.

The movie will begin right when it ended in Star Wars 7, with Ridley's character finally finding the planet, meeting the old Jedi trainer and handing him Darth Vader's lightsaber. Rumours are high that after realising her power with the Force (while defeating Kylo) the space scavenger will request Luke to train her.

Star Wars 8 will premiere on 15 December in 2017.