Star Wars 8
Star Wars 8 will begin where it left off in The Force Awakens, the meeting between Luke Skywalker and Rey Disney

Rey is aware of the looming danger called Kylo Ren and has to prepare for a battle with her stronger nemesis. A new photo from the sets of Star Wars The Last Jedi released by Yahoo! Movies on their fall movie preview, shows her doing exactly that. The former space scavenger is seen training as she stands on a cliff overlooking an abyss on Ahch-To.

In the previous movie, Daisy Ridley's character lands on the mysterious planet after she finally locates the former Jedi Master. The Force Awakens ended with Rey meeting Luke and handing him the lightsaber. The sequel to the movie is set to begin right after that scene.

Directed by Rian Johnson, Star Wars 8 will focus on Rey's relationship with the son of Darth Vader. However, the journey for the former space scavenger-turned-Force bearer may not be an easy one as Ridley has teased that Rey is hopeful of a good relationship with Luke.

Describing her character's meeting with the "grumpy" former Jedi Master, Ridley told Entertainment Weekly: "She's so hopeful to everything. And obviously, there's a hint of, 'What the hell?'"

She teases that Rey will definitely miss Han Solo (who was killed by his son Kylo-aka Ben Solo in the seventh film) and compare him with Han.

"Oh my God, this other man that I lost within a couple days was somewhat of a father figure. Now he's gone, and instead I'm with this grumpy guy on an island who doesn't want me here," she added.

Rey will eventually be trained by Luke but there seems to be plenty of disagreement between the duo at the beginning. The trailer of the highly anticipated film, which was released in April, featured an uncanny similarity between Rey's training and that of Luke's. The teaser begins with Rey gasping for breath, which is reminiscent of Luke doing the same when he was training on Dagobahof under Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back.

Star Wars Episode VIII features Mark Hamil, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Carrie Fisher, Gwendoline Christie, Domhnall Gleeson, Andy Serkis and Lupita Nyong'o in lead roles and is scheduled to release on 15 December.