Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi
Disney recently revealed the eighth sequel in Star Wars series will be titled The Last Jedi Disney

The trailer for Star Wars 8 could be released earlier than expected especially as Disney announced that the film's title, The Last Jedi, in late January. Fans of Luke Skywalker would also get to see the star in action as reports claim that Mark Hamill's character will appear in the first teaser.

Star Wars News Net, a website dedicated to the intergalactic franchise, has reported that apart from the former Jedi Master, the teaser will also feature late Carrie Fisher's General Leia Organa, Ray, and Finn.

"There are rumors that Luke will not be in the first #TheLastJedi teaser. We heard the contrary. Luke, Leia, Finn and Rey will be there," a post on Twitter by the website read. The news, however, did not mention Kylo Ren.

In the seventh sequel, Adam Driver's character was defeated by Rey (Daisy Ridley). And it seems like he would return to settle scores with his nemesis, the space junk scavenger who surprisingly turned out to be a Force bearer. However, there would be a underlying storyline between the two characters.

Disney boss Bob Iger, who has watched The Last Jedi, said that the film will narrate the next chapter in the "iconic Skywalker family saga".

"Perk of being @WaltDisneyCo CEO: seeing The Last Jedi early. Bob Iger calls it "a great next chapter in the iconic Skywalker family saga," he tweeted on 7 February. As of now, Kylo's identity has been revealed as Ben Solo – the son of Han Solo and Leia.

But Rey's parentage remains a mystery and if Iger's hint is anything to go by, she could turn out to be a Skywalker as well. Another hint linking Rey to the galactic family has emerged on the databank, where Kylo's capturing of Rey has been mentioned.

"A mysterious connection seemed to link the two," the narration reads.

The title of the film has generated immense curiosity as fans feel that Luke could be the last Jedi. All the speculation would get cleared only after Disney releases the teaser. Episode VIII is scheduled to premiere in December 2017 and it is unlikely that the company will divulge more details about the space action odyssey.

Lucasfilm and Disney are well-known for guarding the film during pre and post production. They also tend to keep details of all the characters secret. Hence, it is also possible that not much would be known about the characters and plot until the film is released. The film is directed by Rian Johnson.