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Stars Wars The Force Awakens new trailer to debut with Avengers Age of Ultron in May Disney/Lucasfilm

Another trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens might come out with Avengers: Age of Ultron in May, according to a report in Slashfilm.

Avengers 2 release date is set for May 1 in the US, which is eight months before the Star Wars opening. Also, The Force Awakens is Disney's second largest film of the year and the audience crossover is probably massive.

The website reports that the trailer will carry over to other major Disney summer releases, including Tomorrowland, which is set for a 22nd May 2015 release in the US.

Slash Film also speculated that iTunes is referring to this trailer as the 'first teaser,' thus implying that the official trailer is due.

Many fans expect the Star Wars 7, Avengers 2 and Tomorrowland trailers to be out during the Super Bowl in 2015.

Disney and Super Bowl have shared a long history with big releases. According to the report, there is a chance Disney could purchase a commercial spot during that broadcast.

Star Wars The force Awakens trailer
Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer had more views in its first week of release than the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. YoutubeScreenshot

The Hollywood reporter reported that the 88-second teaser trailer for The Force Awakens had more views in its first week of release than the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer.

Also, the teaser is set to become the most watched trailer on the Internet of all time, according to technology firm Zefr.

The teaser got 58.2 million YouTube views since being released on November 28, a day after Thanksgiving. While, the second movie in the Avengers series had the previous best first week with 50.6 million views.

Watch the full Star Wars 7 trailer here:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will come to theatres December 18, 2015 and Avengers: Age of Ultron opens on May 1, 2015.