As far as public service announcements go this controversial video from Australian duo Henry & Aaron could be the most gruesome yet.

The viral clip promoting the importance of education is scaring kids into staying in school by showing them "what happens when you slack off".

It is part of the Set Yourself Free campaign for non-profit company Learn For Life Foundation and shows students being killed after deciding to skip school to spend the day at the beach.

The group of truants are shown driving away from their school grounds and changing their uniforms for bikinis in the van on the way to the beach. They are soon having the time of their lives when they arrive at the deserted beach which they failed to realise is a bomb testing site.

But their party is cut short when a series of explosions start to go off under their feet followed by a shower of gore and severed body parts.

Only one girl survives the bloodbath. She is left screaming and covered in blood. Her boyfriend's dismembered hand lies in the sand next to her.

The promo has already proved a big hit on the internet, receiving over 12 million hits on Youtube.

"I'm a idiot teen and i find this very offensive," one user wrote.

Another said: "Now I am just scared to watch videos."