Steel workers from across the UK have protested outside Parliament, amidst growing concern over the industry in the country. They held large banners that had "Community" and "Save Our Steel" emblazoned across them on Wednesday (28 October).

This comes as the government faces pressure to step in to support steel workers in the face of growing competition from China.

One of the protesters said: "The message I bring to Parliament is that they have got to save our brothers and sisters across the country − save our steel."

The Redcar steelworks on Teesside has recently closed down, and there are now growing concerns for the future of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire.

Anna Turley, the MP for Redcar, said: "For Redcar, the situation is that the steelworks have gone, but we still care about the industry in the country. We want the prime minister to stand up and recognise the importance of steel to industry, to manufacturing, to our airspace, to our water.

"If we are to have any steel industry left in this country to build HS2 and our power stations, they've got to support the industry now. That is help with business rates, help with costs of carbon, we have a whole range of issues that we have put in front of the government.

"We want them to step up today, to intervene, support the industry and to what other countries across Europe are doing."