Claire Richards and Dane Bowers
The former Steps singer has admitted to spending the night with the Another Level star while she was still married

Steps star Claire Richards has confessed that she cheated on her husband with former Another Level star Dane Bowers.

The 34-year-old singer admitted to the affair while she was still married to Steps dancer Mark Webb in her new tell-all autobiography All Of Me.

Although the buxom blonde reveals that she kissed and had a "fumble" with Bowers, she claims that she did not go all the way with him.

She explains in her new book: "I got a cab back to the hotel with Dane, and we both said goodnight and went our separate ways.

"I wasn't ready for the night to end so I decided to knock on Dane's door and ask him if he could help me undo my dress.

"We chatted for ages and then he started kissing me and then we ended up having a bit of a fumble, although we didn't have sex.

"I woke up in his bed fully clothed the next morning and had to do the walk of shame," the singer continued.

"I gave Dane a lift back to London and as I dropped him off I said to him, 'I'm married; I can't do this.'"

She blames her guilt over the almost-fling for the subsequent collapse of her marriage to Webb.

"I put what happened with Dane to the back of my mind and tried again to make our marriage work but it still wasn't right."