The Bataclan theatre in Paris has reopened one year after the Isis massacre that saw 90 concertgoers shot dead.

Security was tight as a crowd of hundreds passed barriers, metal detectors and armed police to see Sting re-open the concert venue, where The Eagles of Death Metal gig was attacked in 2015.

As he took to the stage, Sting spoke of the tragic loss of life at the venue, and asked the crowd to take part in a minute's silence.

"We will not forget them," he said in comments carried by the Associated Press.

"Tonight we have two tasks to settle. First, to remember and honour those who lost their life in the attacks. Then, to celebrate life and music."

On 13 November 2015, coordinated terror attacks in the city left 130 people dead and hundreds of others injured – with 20 people still in hospital with injuries sustained in the attacks.

Many of the survivors of the Bataclan shooting and relatives of those killed in the attack attended the concert, with one survivor telling the news service he had not been to any bar since the shooting.

Aurelien Perrin, 25, whose friend was killed in the massacre, said: "I came alone tonight. It's very emotional, as I keep getting flashbacks of that night. I was standing just there, just the other side of the bar when it happened. Tonight is the first time I've been back here since.

"I'm here because it's important to finally finish a concert that was never allowed to end. It's for the memory of my friend and for all the 90 people who died," he added.