Pregnant woman holding stomach
Video of a man assaulting a Durban woman who is allegedly pregnant with his child has gone viral - Representational Image Ian Waldie/Getty Images

A one-minute-and-52-second clip, which has gone viral, is causing massive public anger on social media in South Africa. The disturbing video shows a man assaulting a Durban woman, who is allegedly pregnant with his child.

The incident comes days before South Africa marks 16 days of Activism for no violence against women and children.

The video (graphic content, viewer discretion advised), which was posted on 22 November by the Sunday Tribune Herald on Facebook, shows an altercation between two women and a man in the South African town of Umhlanga.

In the clip, the pregnant woman can be seen alleging that she is pregnant with the man's child and that the man is having an extramarital affair with the woman standing with him, Independent Online news website reported.

"Look at you. You can't support your child. You cannot accept I'm pregnant with your child and everybody should know," the pregnant woman told the man after an argument. And, towards the end of the video, the man suddenly started punching the pregnant woman continuously.

The video has sparked outrage among people and now they want the man to get arrested.

One of the users on Facebook commented on the incident and said, "To abuse, a pregnant woman in public is a serious offence. Too many women are abused in their own homes and choose to be quiet. #StopWomenAbuse"."

Another Facebook user said that the man was "disgraceful", while a second one said, "No respect for women and she's pregnant. As for the other woman, she has no self-respect. I just pray the baby is okay. He should be locked up."

Meanwhile, the man on his Facebook page said that he would like to thank the person who recorded the incident and posted it on social media as it had made him famous.