Heavy rain and strong gales have hit parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and northern England as Storm Frank, the sixth storm of the season, has hit the UK. Flood warnings have been issued around Britain, just days after severe flooding hit northern regions over Christmas.

Four severe flood warnings have been issued, three of which are in Croston in Lancashire, which experienced flooding earlier in December. As issued by the Met Office, there are the weather warnings currently in place. There are three categories of warnings: red (the most severe), amber and yellow.

Scotland: Amber warning of rain across parts

Rain will be heavy and persistent for much of 30 December with some large rainfall totals building up, particularly over south facing hills, and accompanied by southerly gales. The Met Office warns to be prepared for surface water and river flooding. The warning extends into the area eastwards into Angus, Aberdeenshire and Borders.

Northwest England: Amber warning of rain across parts

Rain, heavy at times and often prolonged, will affect many parts of western and northern Britain on 30 December. Some large rainfall accumulations are likely across parts of Cumbria but the Met Office states the rainfall amount and impact will not be as great as in early December, although it warns of possible disruption.

Yellow warnings of wind have been issued across parts of Scotland, England and Wales. Yellow warnings of rain have been issued for parts of Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England.

Where have flood warnings been issued?

The following flood warnings have been issued by the Environment Agency or by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Natural Resources Wales. The warnings were last updated on 29 December at 11.35pm.

Severe flood warnings have been issues in the north west and the north east. There are flood warnings in force in the following regions: north-west England, north-east England, the Midlands, the south west, Wales and Scotland.