Coastal erosion has revealed an unusual 'UFO-like' structure on a beach in south Wales. The finding was made by outdoor explorer Alistair Corbett while walking on Burry beach on Sunday (21 January).

He wrote: "Coastal erosion has revealed a curious structure at Burry Port (Carmarthenshire). I remember there being a wind turbine in this area back in the late 80s/early 90s so maybe this is the foundation? The coast has taken a hammering here in the last few years as it's unprotected."

His picture shows a round platform supported by short pillars, including a warning sign telling passers-by to stay away.

However, there is an explanation for the mystery installation.

Social media users pointed out the spot was the site of a wind turbine experiment that took place on Carmarthen Bay from the 1970s up until 1990.

Local councillor Peter Hughes-Griffiths said, "The structure exposed is the base of an experimental wind turbine dating back to when the power station was in operation," Wales Online reported.

That revelation hasn't stopped one user from letting his imagination run away with himself about Alistair's discovery:

Sometimes exposed to extreme weather conditions, Welsh beaches often throw up some interesting finds.

In October of last year 20 octopuses washed up on a beach in Ceredigion, west Wales. Stunned locals watched on as the creatures were washed ashore and then crawled their way up the beach using their legs.

"Perhaps it's because the sea has been quite rough recently, but I've never seen anything like it before. They were walking on the tips of their legs", one local said.