Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer opened up about what will happen to Nancy and Jonathan's relationship in "Stranger Things" Season 4, and they hinted at problems for the couple in dealing with a long-distance relationship.

Season 3 saw how the Byers family left Hawkins to start a new life in another city. The distance will play a big role in Nancy (Dyer) and Jonathan's (Heaton) relationship in the upcoming season. Dyer shard that Jonathan leaving means Nancy has to find someone whom she can relate to. It makes her lonely and feels that the distance is a "big break."

"With Jonathan leaving, who can she relate to? Who's there? I mean, it's the 80s, so it's not like you can just hop on Skype or FaceTime," Dyer said in an interview with Netflix Queue, adding that it feels like the "end of an era" for Nancy.

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Heaton noted that just when Nancy and Jonathan were able to finally build a "real relationship" in Season 3, they start to drift apart.

"Now that's gone. Their previous friendship makes challenges easier for them, but this distance will be hard to overcome," he chimed in.

"There's a distance there now, and distance is a hard thing in a relationship," Heaton continued. He added that "being apart will be tough for Nancy and Jonathan, but also to viewers who have been rooting for their relationship throughout the series."

"Jonathan and Nancy have always been on the same team, and they both strive for the same goals. They both challenge each other as well. They can understand what the other has been through," the actor continued.

Heaton shared that "Stranger Things" Season 4 will reveal Nancy and Jonathan's "social differences" now that they are in different work environments. For the aspiring photographer, he takes his job seriously because it means a lot to him. He is "very focused on his responsibilities, and he believes that Nancy doesn't have to work as hard."

"He can't see what she's having to go through. They've always been fighting for a cause together in a high-stakes environment. You put them in a real-world scenario, and they start struggling," he said.

Heaton added and teased that as "Stranger Things" Season 4 delves further into the supernatural, Nancy and Jonathan "put aside these small quarrels, and then ultimately, they fight for each other."

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