Several are thought dead after massive floods hit the city of Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday 9 November. Dramatic footage from the suburbs of Edanvale and Bedfordview showed murky waters rushing over streets and submerging vehicles.

At least 150 cars are thought to have been damaged as the floods hit major roads. Reports have differed on how many death have occurred as a result of the floods with many saying at least two and one site claiming the number is as high as six.

Paramedics told local Bedfordview and Edenvale News that one person was thought to have drowned: "Upwards of 150 cars, over a stretch of two kilometres have been affected. It's believed that upwards of 10 cars have been pushed off the highway and down an embankment, some have been completely submerged in the river."

Johannesburg Zoo had to close after the heavy rains caused the flood broke down part of a perimeter wall. The zoo said that all animals were accounted for but that the zoo would stay shut to mop-up and assess the damage.