Henry Cavill as Superman Warner Bros

With Batman and Lex Luthor set to appear briefly in Suicide Squad, it's natural to wonder if the Man of Steel will also fly by in one of the scenes. After all, Suicide Squad will play an integral part in the overall DC Cinematic Universe.

Recently, when Metro UK asked actor Henry Cavill if Superman will pop up in Suicide Squad, Cavill said he won't, but when asked if he will be part of the sequel, his response was an enthusiastic "I might be!"

Even though Superman will not feature in Suicide Squad, we know for sure that he is referred to in the film. In the film's trailer, Amanda Waller is heard speculating that Superman's public debut acted as some kind of "beacon" for others with extraordinary abilities to emerge from the shadows.

Meanwhile, Batman v Superman star Jesse Eisenberg (who plays Luthor in DCU) spoke to Collider in his latest interview about the film's "phenomenal" script and director Zack Snyder's approach to filming.

"You know, the script is phenomenal. Written by Chris Terrio, who is just brilliant. And Zack Synder is just visually, masterful," Eisenberg told Collider.

"The way he shoots things – at least, insofar as my scenes were concerned – was very specifically and very simply a lot of my scenes are dialogue driven and it felt like I was on any other kind of intimate movie set," Eisenberg said.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice hits theatres on 25 March 2016 with Suicide Squad following on 5 August 2016.