Tesla recently launched the new Autopilot update v7.1 along with Summon feature for its Model S, which enables users to remotely operate their vehicle or move their vehicle in and out of the garage without anyone actually driving it. Going by the words of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, one might soon be able to summon any Tesla self-driving car from across the country, using the native remote app for Tesla.

According to 9To5Mac, iOS developer Allen Wong has just updated his Remote S for Tesla app to enable Model S owners to use the Summon feature directly via the Apple Watch. Wong had earlier demonstrated his invaluable skills in auto-starting his Model S using Siri voice commands via his Apple Watch.

With the latest release of the Remote S app, Wong has managed to overcome the 39-feet range limitation for the working of remote functionality with the Tesla car. Quite strangely, the official Tesla app seems to be limited in its functionality as its support for the Summon feature ceases beyond 39 feet of the car's parking spot.

Although the specified range limitation does not exist with Wong's Remote S app, it is ascertained that the keyfob should still be within range of the self-driving car. One particular user named Allen on 9to5Mac forums has suggested that the limitation can be bypassed, if you press the 'Keyless Start' button just before using the Summon feature on your device.

Interested users can grab the Remote S for Tesla app via App Store for just $10. You may also check out the Apple Watch operated Model S in action, in the video below: