Tesla Model S P85+ review: The car of future is already here
Tesla showcases Model S Autopilot features in new video IBTimes UK

Elon Musk's Tesla Motors recently released a new promotional video showcasing the advanced driving capabilities of the Model S, based on the company's original Autopilot system. The new advertorial depicts how you could summon your car from the confines of your garage using the integrated phone app or the key fob.

The advanced driving capabilities of the Tesla Model S are built on the strengths of the original Autopilot mode, wherein the Summon feature enables the car to back in and back out of parking without any user input. Besides, the user can open and shut the car's doors at the press of a button and perform clean lane-shifts using turn commands, while keeping the hands off the steering wheel.

The car is touted to feature self-guided road awareness with a self-monitoring system to gauge other vehicles in close proximity. The best part is the car's parallel parking ability without any user assistance, once it reaches the destination.

Tesla's newest addition to its Autopilot system includes the user's ability to dynamically enter manual mode, as the steering wheel is still controllable when the Autopilot is on. Autopilot can be re-engaged by simply double-tapping the bottom-left control lever as blue lines and circles will show up on the car's console, signifying that you can now take your hands off the steering and let the technology take full control of the car.