Live Updates
  • Kolkata Knight Riders 146/2
  • Gautham Gambhir 90* (60) leads KKR to an 8 wicket win
  • Sunrisers post 142/7 in 20 overs.
  • Eoin Morgan top scorer for SRH with 51 (43)
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad win the toss - will bat first
  • Sunil Narine and Morne Morkel back for KKR
  • Ashish Nehra injured
David Warner
David Warner will lead the Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2016 Getty

The Sunrisers continue their search for a win this season, as the Knight Riders recorded their second win. The match was won on the back of a great bowling performance, which restricted SRH to 142, and then a batting master-class from Gautham Gambhir with his second consecutive 50+ score, this time for a winning cause.

This brings an end to the live coverage of the match between SRH and KKR. Stay tuned, as the live coverage for the second game between Mumbai Indians and Gujarat Lions will begin shortly.

Over 19.2: Gambhir finishes the game with a four. KKR win the match by 8 wickets. The skipper finishes with 90* (60).

Over 19: Karn Sharma into the attack.

Over 18: Gambhir does most of the work. Will retain strike and get the winning runs. 1 more to get.

Over 18: SIX!! Gambhir gets his first of the match. Two more to get.

Over 18: KKR 134/2. 9 runs needed to win.

Over 18: Mustafizur into his last over. Gambhir not sparing any bowler. Four! 78* (55)

Over 17: Four runs of Bhuvi's over. KKR cruising. No Panic.

Over 17: Bhuvi runs in for his final over. Another run out chance goes begging.

Over 16 - 123/2: Strategic time-out. 11 runs of Saran's last over.

Over 16: Gambhir had given up. A direct hit would have had him.

Over 16: KKR racing away to their target, 121/2.

Over 16: Consecutive Fours yet again for Gambhir. the skipper moves onto 71* (50).

Over 16: Saran into his final over.

Over 15 - 112/2: Just over a run a ball needed for KKR now. SRH bowling looks very light in the absence of Nehra. Mustafizur the only shining light.

Over 15: Two consecutive fours for Gambhir now. 109/2

Over 15: The crowd is back behind their team after Russell's dismissal. Ashish Reddy continues.

Gambhir continues his good form. Four! 57* (44)

Over 14: Mustafizur's brilliant over is spoilt by three runs due to an overthrow. KKR 100/2.

Over 14: Manish Pandey replaces Russell in the middle.

Over 14: Mustafizur gets his reward after some brilliant bowling.

Rattles the stumps and sweeps Russell of his feet.

Russell b Mustafizur 2 (5b)

Over 14: BOWLED!! Russell is floored by a brilliant yorker

Over 14: Mustafizur into his third over.

Over 13: Good over from Reddy. Two runs and a wicket. KKR 93/1

Over 13: The home crowd has finally come alive after the wicket.

Over 13: Andre Russell in at 3.

Over 13: WICKET!! finally a breakthrough

Uthappa lbw b A Reddy 38 (34) - KKR 92/1

Over 13: Ashish Reddy into the attack.

50 for Gambhir!! second consecutive one for the KKR captain.

Over 12 - 91/0: Just the four runs from Mustafizur's over, but in the context of the game anything other than wickets is not going to help SRH.

Over 12: Gambhir is two runs away from scoring his second consecutive 50 of the tournament.

Over 12: Mustafizur back into the attack.

Over 11: KKR 86/0, Gambhir 47* (36), Uthappa 36* (30)

Over 11: Make that three!! Gambhir on a roll.

Over 11: Karn Sharma back into the attack and gets greeted with two consecutive fours from Gambhir.

Over 10 - 72/0: 10 runs of Henriques' second over. KKR slowly but surely heading across the finish line without much fuss. The least exciting match in recent times.

Over 10: SIX!! Uthappa gets the first big one for KKR

Over 9 - 61/0: KKR not taking any risks. After seven runs from the first five balls. Gambhir flicks one down to fine leg for four.

Over 9: Bhuvi is back into the attack. Two overs for 13.

Strategic time-out. SRH needs wickets, there's nothing much to discuss. KKR cruising 50/0. Gambhir 24*(24), Uthappa 25*(24)

Over 8: 50 partnership between the openers.

Over 8: It's back. Seven runs thus far in four balls.

Over 8: Teams waiting for the ball. Gown down the drain (literally)

Over 8: FOUR!! Gambhir pulls yet another one.

Over 8: KKR openers Gambhir 19*(22) and Uthappa 25* (23) running well between wickets. No risks taken

Over 8: Henriques into the attack now.

Over 7 - 42/0: Six runs of Sharma's first. KKR in cruise control at the moment.

Over 7: Uthappa tries and fails with a reverse sweep.

Over 7: That's the end of power play. Karn Sharma into the attack now.

Over 6: Eight runs of Saran's third. 36/0

Over 6: Four! Gambhir getting into the act. Pulls one over square leg.

Over 6: Umpire goes to the third umpire for a run out call. Not Out!

Over 6: Saran continues, into his third over.

Over 5: A great over from the Bangladesh bowler. Just the 3 runs. KKR 28/0

Over 5: A dangerous single. Direct hit would have sent Gambhir back to the pavilion.

Over 5: It was the middle finger. Seems to be ok. 27/0

Over 5: Uthappa gets a knock on his thumb from one of Mustafizur's cutters. Medic called for some spray.

Over 5: Mustafizur into the attack. He is dangerous. His off cutter is one to look out for.

Over 4: 25/0. Six runs from Saran's second over.

Over 4 - 25/0: Uthappa taking the charge to the bowlers. Gambhir taking his time.

Over 4: Uthappa the aggressor. Four down the ground. 18* (13).

Over 3: Six runs. Decent start from KKR. 19/0

Over 3: Four!! Commentators curse strikes. Uthappa sends one straight down the ground. 17/0

Over 3: Good over thus far, no runs from the first three balls. Uthappa 8* (7), Gambhir 4* (7)

Over 3: Bhuvi continues. Wickets are the only way for SRH to win. Containing may not work.

Over 2 - 13/0: Six runs from Saran including a wide.

Over 2: FOUR! Gambhir gets into the act.

Over 2: Nehra's replacement Barinder Saran is into the attack and starts with a wide.

Over 1 - 7/0: Seven runs of the first over from Bhuvi

Over 1: Uthappa 7* (4), Gambhir facing his first ball of the innings.

Over 1: Wickets will be the need of the day for SRH to have any chance.

Four! Uthappa gets going in the third ball of the over after an initial two runs of the first ball.

Over 1: Bhuvaneshwar Kumar is starting proceedings for SRH

Gambhir and Uthappa open for KKR

The players are back out for the second innings. 143 is the target for KKR.

A great bowling and fielding performance from the Kolkata Knight Riders, the Sunrisers will have to play out of their skin to restrict the two-time champions from reaching their target.

Over 20: Seven runs and a wicket from Russell's final over of the game. SRH end the first innings with 142/7. Gautham Gambhir will be the happier of the two captains.

Over 20: SRH 141/7 with one ball to go. The average score for the team batting first is 159

Over 20: Ashish Reddy is Run Out!

Over 20: Just the three runs in the first three balls. Make that 5 of 4.

Over 20 - 137-6: Four balls left.

Over 20: Ashish Reddy ended the 19th over with a wonderfully struck six.

Over 20 - 135/6: Morgan was dismissed for 51 (43). Russell will bowl the final over

Over 19: Yadav into his final over. Morgan 50* (41), Reddy 1* (1)

WICKET!!!! NV Ojha c Chawla b Morkel 37

Over 18: Morkel into his final over. Morgan 42* (38), Ohja 37* (27)

Over 17 - 115/4: Morgan ends a good over from Shakib with a six. More of those needed to post a good total.

Over 17: SIX!! Morgan

Over 17 105/4: The second strategic time out is done. Shakib is back into the attack.

Morgan 35* (34), Ohja 34* (24)

Over 16 - 105/4: After the first four balls yielded just three runs, Morkel lost control as the next two fetched SRH eight. It included a second six for Ohja.

Over 16: SIX!! Ohja gets the second of the match

Over 16: Morkel is back into the attack. At the current rate they will get 125. But at 12-over they can reach 154.

Over 15 - 94/4: Eight runs of Narine's over. Ohja (25*) and Morgan (33*) forming a good partnership.

Over 15: SIX!! first of the match. Ohja takes on Narine.

Over 15: Morgan has been slowly getting a move on 33 (32) now.

Over 15 - : Narine into his final over.

Over 14 - 86/4 : SRH are starting to get a move on. Chawla goes for 13 in his first over.

Morgan with a brilliant reverse sweep four off the last ball.

Over 14: Starts off with a ball wide of the leg stump. Ohja helps himself to a four.

Over 14: Piyush Chawla into the attack for the first time today.

Over 13: Morgan gets a move on for the Sunrisers. 10 runs from Narine's third over. 73/4

Over 13: Batsmen very cautious against the West Indian.

Four! Morgan this time. Three balls into the over.

Four again! Morgan seems to have settled in.

Over 13: Narine into his third over.

Over 12: Russel continues and a first miscue gives Ohja two runs. Two more in the second ball. The boundaries have absolutely dried up.

FOUR!! finally!! Ohja gets a move on.

Eight runs of the over. SRH 63/4

Over 11: Narine curbing the runs. Just three runs from his second over. SRH 55/4

Over 11: Narine continues.

Over 10: Great job from Russell. Four runs and a wicket. SRH 52-4.

Over 10: not looking good for SRH. 50/4.

Naman Ohja the new man in.

Over 10: WICKET!! Hooda lofts one down the throat of long-on. Umesh Yadav makes no mistake.

Over 10: Russel continues. SRH will have to get a move on at some point.

Over 9: Just five runs from Narine's firs. SRH 48/3

Strategic time-out. SRH need a new plan.

Over 9: The runs have dried up completely.

Over 9: Narine is back!!

Over 8: Just the two runs from the West Indian. SRH - 43/3

Over 8: Andre Russel into the attack.

Over 7: SRH - 41/3. A good over from Shakib, just five runs.

Over 7: Lot of pressure on Eoin Morgan to pace his innings and remain at the crease until the end.

Over 7: Shakib continues. Sunil Narine in the back pocket for Gambhir, yet to be introduced.

Over 6: A good come back from Yadav after the first ball four. Six runs and a wicket.

Moises Henriques tries playing across the line and misses it completely.

SRH in trouble 36-3

Over 6: WICKET!!! Henriques LBW

Over 6: Umesh Yadav continues.

Four of the first ball. Henriques edges one down to third man boundary.

Over 5: Four runs from Shakib's first over. SRH 30/2.

Good start this by KKR.

Over 5, 26/2: Shakib Al Hasan into the attack.

Over 4: Eight runs and big wicket of Warner. SRH - 26/2

Over 4: 23/2 - Warner fails to pick up the cutter from Umesh Yadav and scoops one to short cover.

Double blow for SRH. Eoin Morgan is in.

Over 4: WICKET!! Warner Gone

Over 4: Four!! Warner sends one past third man with a late cut

OVER 3: Five runs and a wicket. SRH - 19/1

Over 3: Moises Henriques is in.

Dhawan tries playing it square after getting caught with a short ball, straight into the gloves of the keeper with a top edge.

A good comeback from Morkel after the first ball four.

Over 3: WICKET!! Dhawan gone!!

Over 3: FOUR of the first ball. Morkel yet to find his rhythm. Dhawan will surely feel good with that. Straight down the ground.

Over 2: Dhawan off the mark with a single in the second ball.

Warner struggling with his timing, yet another lofted shot. But he manages to clear long-off and manage two runs.

Five runs of over 2. A good one from Umesh.

Over 2: Umesh Yadav into the attack

Over 1: Warner gets two runs of the first ball to get proceedings under way.

Warner edges the second ball which was caught, but it was a no ball from Morkel. That could prove to be costly in the long run. The free hit ball was a good one, yielded no run.

Nine runs of the first over, which included one no ball, two wides and a four. A sigh of relief from Warner.

FOUR!! fifth ball of the first over from Warner. Dhawan yet to face a ball.

Warner has been called back and will now have a free hit!!


Morkel strikes!!! WICKET

David Warner edges one into the air Piyush Chawla takes the catch

Lets Play!!

Morkel to start proceedings. David Warner on strike.

The time as arrived! Let's get cracking. David Warner vs Sunil Narine could be on the cards at the start o the game.

Here's a stat for you - The team chasing has won 21 times out of the 34 games played at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium. The average score for the team batting first is 159

KKR XI - Robin Uthappa (wk), Gautam Gambhir (capt), Manish Pandey, Shakib Al Hasan, Suryakumar Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Andre Russell, Piyush Chawla, Sunil Narine, Morne Morkel, Umesh Yadav

SRH XI - David Warner (capt), Shikhar Dhawan, Moises Henriques, Naman Ojha (wk), Deepak Hooda, Eoin Morgan, Ashish Reddy, Karn Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mustafizur Rahman, Barinder Sran

Team News

SRH - Saran comes in for the injured Nehra

KKR - Sunil Narine and Morne Morkel return

SRH have won the toss!! David Warner has opted to bat first. Gambhir says they were anyway planning to bowl.

The captains are in middle. TOSS TIME

TOSS time is getting closer.

Shikhar Dhawan will be under considerable pressure today to get out of his slump and contribute with runs at the top. The Indian batsman has been out of form for too long.

Just under an hour to go for the start of the game. Sunrisers are yet to win a game, while the Knight Riders are one a piece in wins and losses.