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  • SRH win the toss and elect to bowl
  • MI 142/6 in 20 overs
  • SRH 145/3 in 17.3 overs
  • David Warner 90* (59)
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma will be up against is India opening partner when Indians take on the Sunrisers in Hyderabad Getty

Sunrisers Hyderabad win their first game of the season by seven wickets over the Mumbai Indians.

David Warner 90* (59) was the star of the show with a composed innings after his bowlers restricted Mumbai to 142. He was ably supported by Moises Henriques and Deepak Hooda.

The defending champions would have suffered a more severe defeat if not for Rayudu and Krunal Pandya, who batted well in the middle overs. Tim Southee were the pick of the bowler's with figures of 3-24 in his four overs, but he was not backed up by the rest of the team, which eventually led to an easy win for SRH.

GAME OVER!!!!! Warner ends it with a six.

4 runs off 16 balls.

Mumbai Indians staring at their third defeat of the season, as SRH close in on their first.

SIX!! Warner is racing to the finish. Four runs needed now in 17 balls.

10 runs needed of the last three overs. SRH should have this in the bag now.

10 runs of 19 balls. Bumrah has one more ball in his third over.

14 runs of 22 balls. Warner and Hooda looking comfortable.

Over 17: SIX!!! Bumrah's first ball after the break is set straight over his head by Warner.

SRH looking favourites now. 21 runs needed of 24 balls. Wickets are the only thing that save Mumbai from going down for a third time in four games.

Over 16: End of the over and and the strategic time out is called. SRH 122/3. Hooda in a hurry to finish. 14* (6)

Over 16: 24 needed of 26 balls now. SRH getting closer.

Over 16: Great uppercut from Hooda. Pandya's bouncer is sent for a four. And again he makes it two in a row, this time with a pull. Again a short ball from the Mumbai Indian bowler.

Over 16: H Pandya is back into the attack. Deepak Hooda is the new batsman in.

Over 15: Southee finish his four overs. A brilliant 3-24 spell, but has not been backed up by the other bowlers. SRH 108/3

Over 15: Warner continues his run with a four of the next ball as the batsmen had crossed.

Over 15: Tim Southee gets his third wicket of the night. Morgan gets a top edge in attempt to pull. H Pandya took a great running catch diving forward.

Over 15: WICKET!! Sensational catch from H Pandya. Morgan foes for 11 (12)

14 overs gone, SRH are 99/2. Warner 62* (48), Morgan 11* (11)

Over 14: Current rate is 7.08 and the required rate is 7.30. SRH are keeping pace now.

Over 14: Warner looks focused, a responsible innings thus far. Four over fine leg for the Aussie

Over 13: Pandya completes his second with SRH at 91/2. Wickets are key for Mumbai now.

Over 13: 50 for Warner!! 52* (42)

Over 12: Morgan with a trademark reverse sweep for four. Bajji finishes with 4 overs 0-38.

Over 12: Bhajji into his last over. Warner cuts for four, now on 47

Over 12: Required rate is 8.04

Over 11: A great over by Southee, four runs and a wicket. 70/2. SRH are about half way there

Over 11: Southee goes up in appeal for a lbw. But going down leg.

Over 11: Southee the chief tormentor thus far tonite.

Henriques 20 (22) b Southee ct Patel

Eoin Morgan is the new man in.

Over 11: WICKET!! Southee strikes in the first ball of his third. Henriques is caught behind! 66/2

Over 10: FOUR! of the last ball. 10 runs, 66/1

Over 10: Good running from Warner. Putting pressure on the fielders.

Over 10: Harbhajan into his third over.

Nine overs gone SRH 56/1. David Warner 31 (31), Henriques 19 (20)

Over 9: The snickometer shows that there was no edge, no disruption in the graph.

Over 9: Parthiv and Pandya go up for a caught behind, but the umpire says no. The replay's show that it could have nicked the inside edge of the bat. Lucky Henriques I suppose.

Over 9: The 50 partnership comes up for Warner and Henriques.

Over 9: Hardik Pandya is welcomed by Warner with a four.

Over 8: 12 runs from Bhajji's second. 49/1 SRH

Over 8: Henriques gets going. SIX!! Bhajji the bowler.

Over 8: SRH 39/1, while MI at the same stage were 43/3

Over 8: Bhajji into his second over now.

Over 7: 37/1, a good over again. The required run rate is only going higher.

Over 7: Just a run of the Free Hit.

Over 7: FREE HIT!! No ball from Bumrah. Required run rate is 8.00

Over 7: Henriques taking his time to settle down, 7* (11) now

Over 7: Run out referral to the third umpire. Not Out! Warner is safe

SRH struggling to get runs apart from the big hits from Warner. 33/1 in the power play. Mumbai very much in the game despite their low total.

Over 6: Good pressure from MI at the start. Harbhajan completes his first over conceding just three runs and a wide. The power play comes to an end and the strategic time out has been called.

Over 5: Bumrah completes a tidy over, just the four runs. 29/1

Over 5: Jasprit Bumrah into the attack now. The yorker specialist.

Over 4: A good over from the other Kiwi in the attack. SRH 25/1.

Over 4: McClenaghan into his second over. Starts off with a bouncer

Over 3: Rohit Sharma would have pulled off the catch of the tournament. Just couldn't hold on. A great slower ball from Southee. Three overs done 22/1.

Over 3: FOUR! for Warner, upper cut over the 'keeper

Over 3: Southee continues. The Kiwi is getting some great movement with good bounce

Over 2: A good second over for SRH. 14/1 which included one six and a four.

Over 2: Four from Warner. The skipper getting a move on. 14/1

OVER 2: McClenaghan into the attack and Warner goes after him. SIX!!

Over 1: Not the best start for SRH in their chase. 4/1 after the first. Henriques joins Warner in the middle. Pressure straight away.

Over 1: Dhawan's poor form continues, how long will he stay in the team if he continues this way

Over 1: WICKET!! Shikhar Dhawan is bowled by Tim Southee

Stay Tuned, we will be back with the chase. SRH need 143 in 20 overs.

Over 20: K Pandya is stranded on 49*, as Bhajji refuses to run even though it just went to the keeper.

Mumbai Indians 142/6 in 20 Overs.

A great bowling and fielding performance from SRH to restrict the defending champions. If not for Rayudu 54 (49) and K Pandya 49* (28), the Indians would have been in a dire situation.

Over 20: Final ball of the 20, and K Pandya is on 49 and on strike.

Over 20: Krunal Pandya back on strike for the final two balls. He is three away from a 50.

Over 20: Just the three runs in the first three balls.

Over 20: Bhuvi for his final one.

Over 19: The first bounce was at the base of the stumps for Pandya. Great over by the Bangladesh cricketer. Five runs and a wicket. MI 136/6. Final over coming up.

Over 19: Bhajji is in the middle now.

Over 19: WICKET!! Mustafizur special does Hardik Pandya.

H Pandya b Mustafizur 2 (5)

Over 19: Mustafizur into his final over.

Over 18: Sran completes his spell. Great spella great spell, 3-28, his best in the IPL. MI 130/5.

Over 18: Hardik Pandya joins his brother Krunal in the middle.

OVER 18: WICKET!! Rayudu cuts one to backward point.

Rayudu 54 (49) b Sran ct Henriques

Over 17: Great over from Mustafizur, just the five runs. 123/4, three more to go.

Over 16: A good over from Bhuvi in the context, just the seven runs. 118/4

Over 16: K Pandya is motoring along, 34* (16) now. SRH losing a little bit of their grip on the game.

Over 16: 50* (43) for Rayudu. A good shout for the No3 position. He needs to carry on until the end if Mumbai are to post a good total.

The Indians do have some big hitters to come though. H Pandya, Harbhajan and Southee

Over 16: 50* (43) for Rayudu. A good shout for the No3 position.

Over 15: A second miss field makes it two good overs for MI. 111/4 now. SSRH's best bowler not getting the backing on the field.

Over 15: A rare sighting, David Warner miss field. Mumbai slowly getting back their mojo.

Over 14: Bipul Sharma getting the treatment in his final over. K Pandya gets into the act. Two consecutive sixes. Make that three in a row for Pandya. 26 runs in that over 98/4 now.

Mumbai got one run more in that one over than they got in the last five.

Over 14: Rayudu connects one. SIX!

Over 14: K Pandya lofts one high in the air, but Shikhar fails to judge a difficult catch. He was running backwards.

Over 14: Last five overs, 25 runs and one wicket. That's sad.

Over 13: Five runs from Henriques' last. Rayudu was almost run out, but his dive saved him.

Over 13: Current runrate of Mumbai will take them to 110 at the end of the 20 overs. They need to get a move on. Henriques into his last over.

Over 12: Bipul Sharma completes his third. Six runs of it. MI 67/4

Over 11: A great over from Sran, just three runs and the one big wicket of Buttler. 61/4

Over 11: Krunal Pandya is the man in the middle now alongside Rayudu, who has to now pace his innings until the end.

Over 11: Jos Buttler 11 (11) b Sran ct Ohja. MI 60/4

Over 11: WICKET!! Buttler tries to hook a wide ball and nicks it to the keeper. Off the glove.

Over 10: Another good over from Bipul Sharma, just the four runs. MI 58/4.

Over 9: Seven runs of Henriques' over and the strategic time-out is upon us. 54/3

A Rayudu 26* (24), Buttler 8* (6)

Over 8: Three runs and a wicket from Bipul Sharma's first. 46/3

Over 8: Buttler is the new man in. He is dangerous on his day. The Englishman had a good ICC World T20 tournament, so is in form.

Over 8: The captain's walking back. He was sent back by Rayudu when he was quite a bit down the pitch. MI in trouble now 43/3

Over 8: Rohit looks gone!! Bat is in the air.

Over 8: Run out referred to the third umpire. Rohit looks confident

Over 7: Great over from the Australian, just the three runs. 43/2

Over 7: Henriques continues. Buttler and the Pandya brothers next in.

Over 6: Nine runs of the over, including a four. That's the end of the power play, 40/2

Over 6: Mustafizur into the attack. One of the bowlers to look forward to in this tournament.

Over 5: SIX!!! Rayudu sends a full toss into the stand. 31/2 after 5

Over 5: Moises Henriques into the attack. Getting some movement of the pitch.

Over 5: Both the openers are now in the dugout. Rohit Sharma has come out the middle.

Over 4: WICKET!! Sran gets his man. A slower cutter and Parthiv is bowled!

P Patel b Sran 10 (12)

Over 4: Sran second wide was so high, Parthiv needed a step ladder. Parthiv has dispatched the fifth ball over the bowler's head for four. 22/1

Over 4: Four! After missing the first ball, Parthiv connects the second one.

Over 3: Just two runs of Bhuvi's second over, 12/1

Over 3: B. Kumar continues, great fielding by Eoin Morgan. Four saved!

Over 2: 10/1 a slow start by the Indians, similar to the previous game against the Gujarat Lions

Over 2: Four!! Rayudu gets going

Over 2: Barinder Sran into the attack. Rayudu was a surprise move.

Over 1: MI 2/1 after the first over. Good one from Bhuvi

Over 1: Big blow for the Indians, a lot of hope was pinned on Guptill's opening skills. Ambati Rayudu is in at 3. Rohit Sharma dropping himself down the order.

Over 1: WICKET!!! Guptill gone for 2 b B.Kumar c N Ohja

Martin Guptill and Parthiv Patel open for the Indians.

Guptill will be on strike with Bhuvneshwar Kumar opening the bowling.

The pitch looks an absolute belter according to the pundits.

SRH are on the field as the Mumbai Indians batsmen walk in.

Five mins to hit-off!!

Mumbai Indians XI - Rohit Sharma (capt), Parthiv Patel (wk), Ambati Rayudu, Jos Buttler, Martin Guptill, Hardik Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, Krunal Pandya, Tim Southee, Mitchell McClenaghan, Jasprit Bumrah

SRH XI - David Warner (capt), Shikhar Dhawan, Moises Henriques, Eoin Morgan, Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha (wk), Ashish Reddy, Bipul Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mustafizur Rahman, Barinder Sran

One change each for both teams for their previous game

SRH - Bipul Sharma comes in for Karn Sharma

MI - Martin Guptill comes for the out-of-form Kieron Pollard due to "food poisoning"

Rohit Sharma admits that MI wanted to bowl too, but is hopeful of a good total.

SRH won the toss and decide to bowl first

TOSS time!!!

Sunrisers are yet to win a match during this edition of the tournament, they lost their first match against Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, while their latest loss came at home to Kolkata Knight Riders.

Mumbai Indians are also struggling for form after having lost two of their opening two games. However, they will be glad to be away from home, as their only win came away at the Eden Gardens against KKR.

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