To tackle the summer in a unique way, the Japan branch of international lingerie maker, Triumph, has come up with an unusual brassiere with the cups designed to look like two fish tanks.

Coined as "Super Cool Bra," it is made of refrigerated cooling gel pads which are designed to take excess heat out of the body in its cups. It claims to stay soft and supple even when it is frozen, and the wearer can feel refreshed during summer.

The designers added two things to the bra - a wind chime and a mint leaf - which dangle between the cups to support the cooling process that in Japan is believed to sound refreshing.

The brassiere can also be teamed up with a skirt made of a mosquito net or bamboo shades, adding to its ability to offer relief in hot weather.

Triumph Japan is famed for creating novelty products that never hit the shelves, but it seems that Japanese women could see the ice bra become a reality.

"Just the other day, all of Japan's nuclear reactors shut down," Yoshiko Masuda, Triumph spokeswoman told Reuters.

"The whole nation, especially the Kansai region, is expected to suffer from a shortfall of electricity. Companies and families now have to deal with higher electricity bills, so we decided on this theme as we felt we had to increase awareness of saving electricity."

The bra raises awareness about Japan's energy crisis following the 2011 quake and tsunami and the country is headed for a power shortage this summer following the shutdown of all nuclear power reactors.

The bra, which Triumph says reportedly relies on all five human senses to cool one down, is not for sale but a concept bra made solely to raise awareness of the energy issues.

Triumph models wearing the outfit seemed very comfortable, despite the looks.

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