The British public is more likely to believe in ghosts than God, according to new research.

According to a survey by the market researchers One Poll, 55% of Britons believe in the supernatural and superstition compared to 49% who believe in God.

It was also revealed that one in 10 members of the public believe they have at least one supernatural power, such as a sixth sense.

The survey was carried out on 2,000 adults, who were asked a series of questions about their beliefs.

The results revealed that 29% of Britons believe they have psychic abilities, such as being able to predict the future. A quarter claimed they had the ability to recall and regress to past lives.

Claivoyance was frequently cited as an ability, while 23% reported to be telepathic.

In comparison, just 8% said they attended church at least once a week, revealing the grip that superstition and supernatural beliefs has on our lives.

One third of all Britons consider themselvessuperstitious, and say that walking under a ladder is most likely to bring bad luck.

The research was carried out to mark the launch of JJ Abrams's television programme Believe, which aired earlier this week.

Top 10 supernatural beliefs:

1. Ghosts. 33% believe. One of the most reportedly haunted places in the UK is the spectacular Victorian necropolis of Highgate cemetery in north London, the resting place of Karl Marx.

2. Sixth sense. 32% believe they can communicate with those on the "other side".

3. UFOs. 22% believe in extraterrestrial life in the form of circular spaceships and crop circles.

4. Past Lives. 19% believe they were someone - or something - else in a previous life.

5. Telepathy. 18% believe they can communicate using their minds.

6. Ability to predict the future. 18% believe they know what is going to happen tomorrow (it might rain).

7. Psychic healing. 16% believe they can heal others or themselves without modern medicine.

8. Astrology. 10% believe in horoscopes - not to be confused with astronomy (actual science).

9. Bermuda Triangle. 9% believe the disappearance of boats and aircraft in this area was something supernatural.

10. Demons. 8% believe in the malevolent being which is prevalent in religious folklore, mythology and literature.

Top 10 most popular superstitions in Britain:

1. Walking under a ladder is unlucky.

2. Breaking a mirror will bring seven years' bad luck.

3. Touching wood is lucky.

4. Opening an umbrella indoors will bring bad luck.

5. Putting new shoes on the table is unlucky.

6. Finding a penny on the floor is lucky.

7. If your ear is burning, someone is talking about you.

8. If you spill salt, it should be thrown over your shoulder to avoid bad luck.

9. Friday 13th is unlucky.

10. The groom should not see the bride's dress before the wedding day.