An unnamed bettor from Switzerland has won the maximum EuroMillions jackpot which is set at a maximum value of 210 million euros or ₤180 million.

The EuroMillions has a cap set for the jackpot prize, and this lucky Swiss punter has taken all the spoils. Not many people have been coming upon good fortune during this pandemic, but this individual was lucky enough to encounter a life-changing windfall. The numbers that changed his life are 6, 12, 22, 29, 33 and the lucky stars were 6 and 11.

Other people won massive cash prizes as well. According to The Sun, 12 bettors from across the continent won £1,927,121.30. Nevermind the jackpot, even the consolation prizes were mind-blowing. Even the £9,034.80 prize received by another 35 people will surely go a long way.

Back to the jackpot winner, the fortune is something that is hard to fathom, considering that it is much higher than the net worth of some of the world's most famous athletes and celebrities.

While the jackpot landed on Swiss soil this time around, the UK is no stranger to lottery luck. Back in 2019, an anonymous bettor from the UK claimed an eye-watering £170m jackpot.

Ten years ago, husband and wife Colin and Christine Weir were lucky enough to bag £161m.

It's hard to imagine that these massive fortunes can come out of a £2.50 ticket. Apart from the EuroMillions, the ticket is also automatically entered into the UK Millionaire Maker. As the name suggests, this game picks out at least one player who will be £1 million richer in every draw.

News about the latest jackpot win will surely whet the appetite of more punters. The pandemic has resulted in some changes, with players encouraged to place their bets online. There is also a National Lottery app that can be conveniently used to play.

Winning isn't easy, with a bettor required to guess all five EuroMillions numbers. Aside from the 5-number combination, one must also guess the two bonus numbers to win.

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