Ibrahim al-Khatib, a journalist with UAE-based Orient News, was reporting about the ongoing clashes in Handarat, located 10km north of Aleppo, before being severely wounded by an air strike on 14 April. Activists said the strike came from regime forces.

Al-Khatib can be seen reporting, before the strike hit the area. Immediately after the strike, footage shows plumes of smoke rising up from around the crew. Al-Khatib's face can be seen bloodied before being placed in a car before the ambulance arrives. Local activist reports from other Aleppo-based journalists confirmed that al-Khatib survived his injuries and was recuperating in the hospital.

Press injuries in Syria are not uncommon. In November 2015, two RT correspondents sustained injuries after a press convoy was shelled on the Turkish-Syrian border. One of the reporters sustained serious injuries after a missile exploded near a car carrying RT crew members. The crew were passing the village of Al-Dagmashliya in the province of Latakia, controlled by President Bashar Assad's forces, when they came under shelling.